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JackBoy Claims Kodak Black Joined Prison Gang For Protection Over Lauren London Comments

Kodak Black and rapper JackBoy fight on Instagram Live. Talk about Kodak Black joining prison gang for protection over disrespecting Nispsey Hussle and Lauren London




What is going on with these male rappers?

If it is not Kanye and Drake playing red rover, red rover, send your album over; it's JackBoy and Kodak Black playing tag on Instagram Live.

Last night, JackBoy, instead of celebrating his birthday, went back and forth with Kodak Black on Instagram. I know there has been tension between the two in the past; as recently as two days ago, they

had words, but I am unaware of what sparked last night's feud. However, that did not stop me from being mesmerized as the liquor started speaking for JackBoy.

JackBoy said a lot of stuff like Kodak Black is suing him, but what stood out to me the most was his claims that Kodak, while in prison, had to join another gang for protection because, in JackBoy's words, "niggas was on your ass cause you said that wild shit about that man while he passed." Now, as he kept talking, it became clear that he was talking about Kodak Black hitting on Lauren London as she was mourning the death of Nipsey Hussle.

JackBoy continued by saying, "You said that wild shit about that man when he died, you said that wild ass shit; that disrespectful ass shit, talking about that man's girl and them people was finna kill yo ass in prison, and you got in a whole nother gang to be safe; boy stop it."

Whew, Chile!


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