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Jade Warns Cardi B To Not Speak On A Case That Is "Far From Over!"




I know; I'm late addressing this story about Jade clapping back at Cardi B for liking a bullshit tweet about the criminal charges she is facing for allegedly setting up a 2018 attack on Jade and her sister Baddie Gi at Angels Strip Club in New York. But, still, I want to talk about it.

For those unaware, a Bardi gang member woke up in "Montero," a world where their faves never do anything wrong, and tweeted:

"It's really just laughable how y'all are STILL trying to spread that lie of "cardi sending men to beat up women" when the woman cardi allegedly "harrassed" admitted It was a lie. Lol." This girl included a video clip of Jade and 6ix9ine talking to DJ Akademiks.

In this clip, you hear:

AK: "Are you the chick Cardi B was beef'n with?"

Jade: "Unfortunately"

AK: "Bruh...I ain't gonna lie, man. I heard Cardi B did a number on you..."

Jade: "Never that"

Despite dealing with a flooded house, Cardi B made time to "like" this tweet. That cause Jade to respond with: "A lie??? Don't put words in my mouth! Everybody knows the truth including, your husband. Let's not take it there. Don't retweet anything about me or a case that's far from over!"


Cardi B coming out of court for her allegedly attacking 6ix9ine girlfriend Jade and Baddie Gi

Jade never said she lied or that she was never attacked. All Jade said was that Cardi B ain't do "a number" on her. Let's not forget that Cardi B is being accused of setting up the attack and then throwing bottles and chairs in the middle of the brawl. So, if someone did a "number" on Jade, it wasn't Cardi B.

As for this comment, "It's really just laughable how y'all are STILL trying to spread that lie of "cardi sending men to beat up women."

Cardi B is indicted on two felony counts of attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury as well as misdemeanor counts on reckless endangerment, assault, criminal solicitation, conspiracy, and harassment FOR SENDING A MAN TO BEAT UP WOMEN.

If anyone has read my post tracking Star Brim's Case and how it links to Cardi B, there is no reason Bardi or her gang should be making light of this situation unless she has already turned canary.

In the FBI press release referring to this incident, which Star Brim was hit with federal charges for, the last sentence says:

"Bush recorded the assault on his cell phone, and the video was sent to the gang member on behalf of whom Repass allegedly ordered the attack."

Star Brim Indicted For Attack On Bartenders Related To Cardi B Charges

The FEDS know that Star Brim ordered the attack on Jade and Baddie Gi for another gang member. I wonder who that person is????? That is why Jade said, "A Case That is Far From Over."

I believe Star Brim is working on a plea deal, and it will be interesting if she has to give up Cardi B or can she give up a bigger fish.

In the end, I don't know why Cardi B even reminded people she still had these charges. I think I was the only one still paying attention to this case. Also, Cardi did STFU...Lol.


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