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Jane Doe Drops "Through The Eyes Of A Pedophile" Lawsuit Against Tiffany Haddish And Aries Spears


What do y'all think about Jane Doe, who was representing herself and her brother, dropping her lawsuit against Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears after rumors of a settlement?


  • Aug. 27th - Lawsuit Filed

  • Sept. 5th - Tiffany Haddish issues IG Statement: “Unfortunately, because there is an ongoing legal case, there’s very little that I can say right now.”

  • Sept. 9th - Tiffany Haddish gets case moved to federal courts

  • Sept. 16th - Court Documents Sealed

  • Sept. 19th - Rumors of Tiffany Haddish Settling With Jane Doe

  • Sept. 20th - Lawsuit Dropped


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