Jason Lee Loves Nicki Minaj...So He Can Get His Views Up

I knew when Jason Lee's video trying to drag Megan Thee Stallion did not get the reaction he expected; he would dig into his Nicki Minaj hater bag and pull out the handbook given to all her haters.

Chapter 1: How To Recover Quickly After Embarrassing Yourself For Clicks

  • Step 1: Say Anything Nice About Nicki Minaj...they will come, LOL.

Jason Lee, all of a sudden likes Nicki again because she had a child. Um...is that a good thing??? That sounds creepy. Jason, who thinks his opinion matters, feels Nicki should have a Grammy. No shit Sherlock.

Fck the video, what is on his head? Also, what happens when Nicki and Ole Girl drop albums in 2021?

I have a strong gut feeling that Atlantic and Patience are already setting up a way for Ole Girl to beat Pink Friday's first week sales. 2021 is going to be interesting...

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