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Is Jason Lee trying to stop other content creator's bags? I'm gagging!

Jason Lee Williams, of Hollywood UnCocked...Oops I mean Unlocked, threatens to takedown two Youtube channels in a recent Instagram post. He said he would be like "Robin Hood" if he got those channels taken down. Jason followed that ridiculous comparison up by saying you can't just say anything online. The man who made Beyonce dip with no chip thinks he is the moral authority withing the blogging community??? Who the hell gave him a cape...LMAO? He must not be "dominating" the way he claims if he is going to hop on Youtube to start fights. Is this the best storyline he could come up with for Love & Hip Hip...YIKES!

I thought he was already on Youtube. So, he really is just started a personal channel to talk sh*t to other Youtubers even though that is against their policy now. Jason won't last a month lol. He better talk to his faves LovelyTi and Nique at Nite before buying his Robin Hood costume. Didn't I tell y'all Nique was another LovelyTi?

I think we can guess one of the channels he is targeting. Who is the other channel?


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