On Tuesday, Colin Kaepernick tweeted that NFL representatives reached out to him about doing a workout in Atlanta on Saturday. Today, just like I predicted, the story switched from Kaepernick finally getting a workout with the NFL to give Jay-Z credit for Kaepernick getting a workout. This "workout" is not about Colin Kaepernick. It is about restoring Jay-Z's image after the backlash he received from how he went about getting his NFL deal and that mess of a press conference.

Once the NFL realized that Jay-Z could not control the "negroes," they knew they had to do damage control. They could no longer ignore their "Kaepernick Problem." Listen carefully to Stephen A Smith's reporting on what the NFL expects from Colin Kaepernick if he wants to get back into the NFL.

Did Stephen A Smith say, "that the only thing that can get in the way of Colin Kaepernick being back in the NFL is if he refuses to shut up." Um....so ya'll want to give Jay-Z credit for shut'n up negroes? See, I don't have any illusions about what Jay-Z is, so this is not shocking to me. But, for people to act like Jay-Z is this Pro-Black activist who had this plan to fix the NFL from within is a joke. Jay-Z is not the Spook Who Sat by the Door.

What I fear is that these workouts are nothing but a setup. If Kaepernick refuses to stop kneeling at games, then they will leak stories that say he had an awful workout. They try to convince the fans he is not good enough to play in the NFL so that Jay-Z can sellout Black people in peace.

If Colin Kaepernick is let back into the NFL, will he be silenced?

Here is what others are saying about Kapernick's NFL workout:


What are your thoughts on this NFL workout? Do you trust Jay-Z?

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