On August 13, 2019, the NFL announced they had "partnered" with Roc Nation. The deal gave Jay-Z control over the Super Bowl Halftime show, non-football events, and to appease the negroes Jay will work with the NFL on social justice initiatives.

During a "press conference" to sell the partnership to those who wondered where this deal leaves

Kaepernick, Jay-Z informed AmeriKKKa that "we're past kneeling." Who knew those words would come back to haunt him 9 months later?

As we are all well aware, last Monday on Memorial Day, 4 MPD Officers murdered George Floyd after a business called the cops over an alleged $20 forged check. The photo going around, which I will not post, is of former cop Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd to the pavement by kneeling on his neck as he was handcuffed. Floyd ended up dying as witnesses begged Chauvin to stop.

It did not go unnoticed by Twitter that so many people had an issue with Kaepernick kneeling to raise awareness of cops killing unarmed Black people, but just 9 months ago, Jay-Z told us we were past kneeling. So, people are calling out Jay Z and his excuse-makers.

Do you think it's fair that Twitter is going at Jay-Z?


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