Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Sued Over Witness Intimidation and Harassment Of Sexual Assault Victim

Updated: Jan 12

UPDATED 1/12 AT 12:05 PM PST

Jennifer Hough has dismissed her case without prejudice against Nicki Minaj. Do not know what this means for her claims against Kenneth Petty.

Not one ruling in this case...


UPDATED 1/11 AT 12:10 PM PST


Nicki Minaj's attorney ran to tell the judge that Jennifer Hough missed her deadline to reply to their last response to this request for a default judgment. Now, just to recap, the reason we are even dealing with this question of a default judgment is because Nicki failed to respond in time to this lawsuit and does not want any consequences for her error.

Now, that Jennifer has missed a deadline, Nicki's attorney argues their lateness is more "serious" and "inexcusable" than what they did😂.

I am not a lawyer and did not consult one, but since this matter is only dealing with the default judgment, any ruling should only address that matter. This was not dealing with whether Nicki and Kenny bribed, harassed, etc. We have not gotten that far...🙄

I see some people saying the case will get dismissed. Well, I would find it suspicious if the ONLY ruling this judge makes, in this case, is a dismissal of a whole lawsuit based on a missed deadline. Obviously, missing deadlines is not a cause for an automatic victory. I want to stress this would be the ONLY ruling this judge would have made so far. I don't know if he is starstruck, but something is wrong.

Now, I want to clarify that if the judge dismissed this lawsuit because he ruled Nicki was not properly served, that is totally different. Being properly served is required to start a lawsuit.

Jennifer Hough Misses Deadline To Respond To Default Judgment Against Nicki Minaj January 11th.

"I think you better call Tyrone (Call him)"

Now, why would Tyrone and the 4 other lawyers miss this deadline? Are they giving up on this part of the motion, which I would think they would just formally do that? Are they giving up on the whole case?

Who knows...

UPDATE #2 on 1/12 at 6:29 AM PST

Nicki's lawyer returned to note, "I suspect that the cause of counsel’s silence is a Notice of Motion for sanctions under Rule 11, supported by a 15-page single-spaced letter, which I served upon them on Sunday night, January 9, 2021. "

Now, if you remember, Page Six ran a story that this letter demanding sanctions was sent back in November. I guess not...

The above letter gives Tyrone until Jan. 30th to withdraw Jennifer's amendment complaint or they will go through with a motion for sanctions.

So, if Jennifer doesn't decide to drop the lawsuit, then this will be another motion for this judge to decide on. As the motions pile up the rulings stay at 0.


UPDATED 1/1/2022 AT 10:29 PM PST

Nicki Minaj Admits She Spoke to Jennifer Hough On The Phone In Court Documents.

So, a little birdie asked me why I did not post about Nicki responding to Jennifer's claims, and my response was I MISSED IT! My error because that part definitely should have been posted separately from the whole court docs. So, below is Nicki's response to the claims made against her.

As usual, I am going to just address the parts that I find interesting:

NICKI MINAJ: "Plaintiff's counsel's claim that my husband and I are members of the "Makk Ballers," or any other gang, is outrageously and completely false."

Nicki DENYS being a gang member. I mean, we all know she is not a gang member, but I think she needed to say it. What I do not feel is needed is for her to keep speaking for Kenneth Petty. Why pay for his lawyer if she is going to speak for him? The Queen Radio situation has taught her nothing I see. What if he wants to claim he is a gang member? What if he is listed in a gang database?


NICKI MINAJ: "A few days after the arrest, Barry, an old acquaintance from the Queens neighborhood in which we grew up, and known to all of us as "Black," reached out to me to say that Plaintiff wanted to speak to me about what happened in 1994. I did not call Plaintiff. Rather, as I recall what happened, Black connected Plaintiff and me through his phone. As any wife would do in that situation, I told her that I had been informed that she wanted to speak with me about taking back her accusation. However, right from the start, and throughout our call, I made clear to her that I was not asking her to change her past statements. I never offered her any money, and I never threatened her."

So, enters good old Barry AKA Black again. Now, since Kenneth already admitted he gave Black Nicki's number concerning Jennifer, Nicki had no choice but to admit to a phone call. So, Jennifer, who is supposed to be this big liar, already has 2 crucial parts of her story confirmed by Kenneth and Nicki Minaj. Also, Jennifer has never claimed that Nicki threatened her during that phone call. She didn't even say Nicki had an attitude.

NICKI MINAJ: "I have no doubt that Plaintiff had wanted to speak with me because she mistakenly believed that I would pay her money to take back her accusation against my husband. While Plaintiff never asked me directly for a payoff to change her story, she did so indirectly by telling me that the indictment against my husband was a "big problem" for him and for me. In an effort to make it unmistakably clear that I was not going to pay her money, I responded by telling her that the indictment was my husband's problem, not mine, and that he would have to live with the consequences of having chosen years ago to plead guilty to a crime which he did not commit."

Ok, so here Nicki Minaj admits that Jennifer never asked her for money, but she just knew without a doubt that she wanted money to recant her story. Nicki uses the word "indirectly" when assuming that Jennifer wants money. So, Jennifer can't claim to be indirectly threatened, but Nicki can claim to be indirectly asked for money????

I also think the part where Nicki claims that the indictment is Kenny's problem and that he would have to live with the consequences; is the perfect response. In fact, maybe too perfect and does not sound like Nicki. Um...Nicki is very Alpha female, so I find it funny that she can't stop speaking for him in this lawsuit, but while talking to Jennifer she was on this, "that his problem" rhetoric???

NICKI MINAJ: "After I had made it clear to her that I was not going to pay her any money, Plaintiff told me she would think about what she wanted to do. Then, referring to her claim that my husband had raped her, she said verbatim: "I'm not saying it didn't happen, but maybe it was just a misunderstanding." I could not believe what I had just heard. I could not believe that it was so easy for this woman to imply that she may have exaggerated or lied after how much this man had suffered through as such a young boy. Even then, though, I did not pressure her in any way. I only told her that IF she would like to change her statement and wanted help drafting something, my publicist, Joe Carozza, could possibly help her. I gave Plaintiff my telephone number and told her that she could call me if she would like to discuss the matter with me again."

OK, so Nicki is now laying out how Jennifer would know about her publicist Joe, cause no one even thought Nicki had one before Jennifer started talking. I just don't get why Nicki, who has already said that Jennifer is trying to extort her, would not only offer up her phone number but her publicist. Nicki kinda showed how bad she wanted Jen to recant her story with that part of her declaration.

NICKI MINAJ: "I never called Plaintiff, nor did I ever want to speak to her. I spoke to her only because Black told me that she had asked to speak to me. Further, during the call, I never asked her to change her story; I never offered her any money in return for a statement; and I did not threaten her with any type of harm if she chose not to provide a statement. In fact, I emphatically told her that I did not want her to lie about anything and to tell the truth about what she had just revealed to me only if she was comfortable with doing so."

This part is confusing. So, Nicki never wanted to speak to Jennifer, but only did it because of Black??? Why is Black so important that he would have the power to make Nicki do something she does not want to do, and can he sell his magic to her managers, etc, who probably have issues getting her to listen to them, LOL. Obviously, Black told Nicki that Jennifer wanted to speak about Kenneth's case, and that is what compelled Nicki to speak to Jennifer.

At this point, Nicki has made this case a she said/she said situation. Nicki saying something is not proof that it happened, and Jennifer saying something is not proof. Without phone recordings that may or may not be admissable, we have to go with what is most logical.


The one time Nicki actually uses her publicist is to help Jennifer with this letter...LMAO! I just thought about that and could not stop laughing. Like baby girl, why you ain't never use him to help you write letters???


UPDATED 12/31 AT 9:07 PM PST


Below is Nicki Minaj's response to Blackburn's response. Nothing stood out to me as interesting. Nicki's lawyer is claiming Jennifer is trying to stall, even though he needed to ask for an extension cause they needed more time to respond to the lawsuit, which is why we are here now. Oh, and Nicki's lawyer did clock Blackburn for still having in his motion that Nicki was to send a birthday video to Jennifer's daughter. Jennifer said it was for Black's kid. I don't know if Blackburn is just copying and pasting his shit, but that error has been in his motion since the beginning. He needs to proofread his shit.

Anyways, if the judge does not make a ruling for Jennifer Hough or Nicki Minaj in the next hearing, I would ask for a new judge. I'm sorry, but there should have been a ruling already. We don't need these novels of mostly stuff that was already said. If the judge is too starstruck to make a ruling, then he must go.

Nicki Response 1231
Download PDF • 8.85MB


UPDATED 12/20 AT 5:10 PM PST


Disclaimer: This case is currently BORING ASF

We are essentially at the same spot we have been for weeks with attorneys making arguing for/against default judgments. I honestly feel the judge would have ruled in the last hearing if not for the celebrity status of Nicki Minaj. This is ridiculous. So, here is my summary...

Tyrone Blackburn begins with a preliminary statement suggesting that it was a strategic move by Nicki Minaj to deliberately not respond to Jennifer Hough's lawsuit on time. Blackburn writes, "OTM's strategic choice to delay the action and avoid making disclosures present a distinct advantage as she litigates a motion for judicial default – rather than make admissions or denials."

So, Blackburn is saying that Nicki would rather fight over default judgments because it allows her to delay having to admit or deny the actual allegation of the case. Yes, people, Nicki Minaj has not responded to the lawsuit yet. See why I am bored?


  • "Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (“FRCP”) Rule 55(a) (“Rule 55”) provides that “[w]hen a party against whom a judgment for affirmative relief is sought has failed to plead or otherwise defend, and that failure is shown by affidavit or otherwise, the clerk must enter the party's default.”

In this section, Blackburn argues that Robert Diaz properly served Nicki Minaj. Diaz not only served the couple, but also mailed out a copy of the summons to their home as required. Blackburn provided a copy of the envelope with the date stamp on it.

Blackburn goes on:

  • Nicki Minaj does not deny being home at the time of service.

  • Does not deny KP was home during time of service

  • Does not deny the summons was mailed

Blackburn says, "OTM offered 1 inch and 25 lbs. and her “innocent” choice to make no effort to meet the deadline. Certainly, combined with a distinct advance to avoid responding to this suit, these excuses are within the realm of flimsy, irrelevant, and unpersuasive."

That is all I found interesting. I do think a stalling tactic is in place and it's kinda working on me cause I am debating should I update every time there is something new or should I only report on significant developments.

I am not posting the court docs cause I do not feel like blanking out Nicki's address.


UPDATE 12/10 AT 6:30 PM PST

On 12/9, TMuthafcknZ came out with a story claiming that Nicki Minaj has responded to Jennifer Hough and called her a liar. TMZ posted an alleged text message from Jennifer to Nicki Minaj claiming the US Marshalls are asking questions. This is Nicki's proof Jennifer was not running and changing her number. As reported in the past, Nicki's lawyers want Tyrone and Jennifer hit with sanctioned for lying.

Now, if this text message is legit, it should be entered into evidence, not TMZ. Since Kenny threw Nicki and Black under the bus and admitted to giving up her number, Nicki can't deny there may have been communication. The question is who called who and what was the conversations about. Also, if Jennifer was trying to extort money, why didn't Nicki contact law enforcement. It's not like Jennifer is some random. She is the woman who according to Kenny, already lied on him and is the reason he is a SO.

Well, while Nicki is using TMuthafcknZ to get her side out, Tyrone Blackburn went back to the Daily Beast to respond to this story. Tyrone claims that nothing has been filed against them despite the stories and he thanks Nicki for providing a preview of what angle they will pursue in this lawsuit.


UPDATE 12/8 AT 7:21 PM PST



Today was the zoom conference hearing in the Jennifer Hough vs. Nicki Minaj lawsuit. The judge was supposed to decide if he would reconsider the DENIED default judgment for Nicki Minaj. Like with most court cases, people showed up for nothing because the judge decided to push the whole thing to January.

Now, I only heard part of the hearing, and it was so low in the Spaces I was in, so I got nothing out of what I heard. However, if I am honest, I am not interested in this part of the case.

From what I understand, it doesn't really matter who wins this part of the case. If Nicki wins, then she ends up right where she is now. If Jennifer wins, then Nicki's lawyer will do just like Kenny's lawyers and argue for it to be vacated, which they probably will win. So basically, no matter the decision, we will essentially end up where we are now. People are running around acting like if Jennifer wins, she wins her case; that is not true. If Nicki wins, the case is over, also not true. This is all from my understanding. If I am wrong, let me know below.

I just don't see Jennifer winning this case without going to trial or a settlement.


The decision I am interested in is if the judge agrees Kenny and Nicki were not properly served. Now, I could be wrong, but I believe that if it is found that they were not properly served, then that is when this case could get dismissed. Without proper service, Nicki and Kenny don't have to do shit cause the court has no jurisdiction over them. Now, Jennifer can try again to serve them properly, and Nicki and Kenny could ensure the security does not let anyone in their culdesac, LOL.


Oh, after the hearing, rumors started that Nicki Minaj was not legally married. Now, I only saw Barbras and Nicki haters talking about it, but no one told me what part of the hearing alluded to that. So, it is probably wishful thinking, even if it could be true. No proof.

Even though this topic is useless because Nicki either married a rapist or pretended to marry a rapist, either way, it still makes Nicki look bad. But, in light of this lawsuit, I think knowing if she is legally married does help us understand her decisions and her options.


UPDATE 11/29 AT 6:59 PM PST

Jennifer Hough's team has added a woman to the team. Tara E. Faenza seems like she will be the one bringing some experience to the group.


UPDATE 11/23 AT 9:30 PM PST


Tyrone Blackburn responded to Kenneth Petty's claims that he was not properly served and that he did not rape Jennifer Hough. I am not going to do a summary tonight because I am too tired and not in the mood. Tyrone is getting much better at writing and connecting dots. At this point, it's too obvious that Kenneth and Nicki are playing games and I am ready for the judge to make is ruling, so we can make some progress in this case.

The response is below for you to read.

Tyrone Blackburn's Response Nov. 23rd
Download PDF • 583KB


UPDATE 11/11 AT 7:45 PM PST


After days of bad to worse press, Nicki Minaj's lawyer has decided to earn his money, Page Six is reporting that Burstein is asking for sanctions against Blackburn and Hough for filing a frivolous lawsuit because of course Nicki Minaj is only be sued because she is a rich celebrity. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

Nicki's lawyer is "creating muck," which is exactly what he is supposed to do, however, I don't think this narrative will make people forget that Kenny not only completed the triangle connection between Black, Nicki, and Jennifer Hough by admitting to giving Nicki's number to Black knowing he was speaking with Jennifer, but by claiming they, including Nicki, all grew up together.

Hmmm...that's interesting considering Nicki didn't even grow up with Kenny according to one version of her love story. She met him at 16 or 17, when he was an adult and already served time for attempted rape, so how did they grow up together? Trolling for girls at bus stops does not qualify as growing up together.

Anywho...will any of this matter if the judge rules Nicki and Kenny were not properly served?


UPDATE: 11/11 AT 4:53 PM PST

A new lawyer has been added to defend Nicki Minaj. She is not REPLACING anyone as some ran with when Tyrone added a co-counsel. This woman works with Burstein. After Kenny threw Nicki Minaj under the bus in so many ways, I would get someone to watch his ass too.

Sidenote: If Jennifer Hough was trying to extort Nicki and Kenny, why didn't they contact the law? I mean it is a crime and considering she is a woman who allegedly already got away with lying on Kenneth, wouldn't that be something you would want to document ASAP?????


UPDATE 11/9 AT 8:00 PM PST

This is not an update-update; I just want to touch on something I noticed while going through Kenneth Petty's last filing.

Kenneth "Zoo" Petty ADMITTED to giving Nicki Minaj's number to BLACK. I had to check my contacts the first time I read that. Kenneth, maybe in a clumsy attempt to get ahead of the evidence he already knows Jennifer has, declared:

"My wife and I grew up in the same neighborhood with Black, although we are not close to each other. To be absolutely clear, I would not and did not ask him to contact or communicate on my behalf with Plaintiff. I did not know that Black was communicating with Plaintiff until he asked me for my wife's phone number so that Plaintiff and my wife could speak. Although I gave Black my wife's phone number, I told him that he should not communicate with Plaintiff. Even if Plaintiff recanted her false allegations of rape, this would not have affected the charges against me regarding my failure to register as a sex offender, as the issue is whether I registered or not, and why."

So, this adds validity to Jennifer's claims that she saw "wifey" on Black's phone, and how Black would have Nicki's number in the first place.

Even though Kenny tries to cover himself by saying he told Black not to communicate with Jennifer, one has to question why he would give a so-called schizophrenic, who he is not close to, the number of his superstar wife? A schizophrenic whose sole purpose is to get Nicki Minaj to talk to the woman who Kenny claims falsely accused him of rape as a teen. Why would you warn Black not to speak with Jennifer, only to hand over Nicki's number? That would make no sense unless they needed something

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Being Sued By Jennifer Hough.

from Jennifer, trusted Black to advocate for them, and felt Nicki's celebrity status could sway Jen in their favor. Also, Kenny making multiple connections between Black and Nicki feels like a set-up.


Speaking of set-up, why in the hell would Nicki Minaj allow Kenny to use her like this? This photo was taken to prove Kenny is 5'9". You see shit like this is why people think Nicki Minaj is going broke. She can't buy a measuring tape or something? Nicki Minaj, who always has a filter, got in this photo looking like a mentally and spiritually broken baby mama all because this fool needed to prove he is short. As if being an inch off when someone refuses to open the door will matter. Does Nicki have any friends who are women left? This is sad.


One last thing, Kenny dry snitching is so New York gangsta:

"I never stalked Plaintiff or any of her relatives. Indeed, I do not know where any of them live today, although, very recently, I have since received a second-hand account that her brother is now a fugitive from an arrest warrant."



UPDATE 11/8 AT 7:36 PM PST

This case just gets messier and messier. I skimmed over the new docs and Kenny is claiming he was not served because it was not directly handed to him and he is 5'9" not 5'10"...🙄. Oh, and he didn't get a lawyer because he thought Nicki's lawyer was working on finding him one and we all know Nicki didn't know she had a lawyer for 3 weeks.

Anyways, the interesting part of this is Kenny is now claiming he DID NOT rape Jennifer, that the sex was consensual, and he was 16, not 15, as stated on Queen Radio. He only plead guilty because he was a scared kid. Doesn't that sound familiar?

Jennifer needs a lawyer that can stop these games that Kenny is obviously trying to play now that he has monopoly money to play with. Remember he is only suing New York to be a lower-level sex offender, not claiming his innocence. This is sick. But, if he wants to open pandora's box just to impress weirdos on the internet...please proceed.

Tyrone needs to add another lawyer with experience.



Ok, I got curious about how much of Kenneth Petty or this "figure" Robert Diaz could see have seen while serving the summons. I got photos of the Petty's current residence, which is public information. The outside of the home could have changed after the Petty's moved in.

The residence in question has 3 possible windows that Kenny/Figure could have used to mad dog Diaz through. Since he did not mention anything about curtains or blinds, I will assume there were none. The windows are not tinted or have any frost on them. They appear to be just plain clear glass.

Now, I am going to guess that Kenny was most likely standing at one of the windows next to the door, which would give Diaz a very clear view of who was glaring at him. The service was at around 6:30 PM, so it's not this bright outside.