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Jermaine Dupri & Bryan-Michael Cox sat down with Atlanta's V-103 in an attempt to clear up the comments Cox had made about Jay-Z on his podcast. Cox said that Jay-Z personally called Jermaine Dupri and asked him to not accept a similar NFL deal to the one he just accepted. Listen below:


Jermaine Dupri & Bryan-Michael Cox both failed their Olivia Pope test. After watching this interview with Big Tigga, I did not think "It's handled". I looked at both of them with a side-eye and had more questions. Did JD and Cox do Jay-Z dirty or were they both trying to avoid being blackballed?


First off, I do not believe Bryan-Michael Cox is a liar. This is why in his long answer he never said "I misspoke", "my bad", "I-oop". I listened to Cox's reply several times and never did he own up to making a mistake, and I think that is because he didn't make a mistake. He said what he said on his podcast and it was the truth. His only mistake was saying something on his podcast that was meant to stay private.

If Cox had misspoken about the nature of Jay-Z's conversation with JD, I do believe he would have owned up to it without any problems. But, he clearly did not backtrack on his comments.

You can tell that Cox really wanted to highlight the hypocrisy of "the culture" for killing JD for doing something similar to what Jay-Z will be doing.




Jermaine, Jermaine, Jermaine....can I call you Jermaine? What are you talking about? Jermaine says he did not say anything and he was going to wait for things to die down. Well, if Jay-Z is your friend why would you allow a "lie" to be spread about him, where you have the power to clear that lie up? Is it because Cox didn't lie? Is it because you did speak to Jay-Z and he compelled you to speak out now? I don't believe that Da Brat is the reason JD did this interview.

Also, JD liked this tweet:

Jermaine Dupri Likes Tweet about Jay Z tricking him out of NFL Super Bowl Deal.

JD cannot like tweets like this and then complain that people are jumping to conclusions. This type of stuff adds validity to what Bryan-Michael Cox said.

Jermaine Dupri goes on to say, "Jay-Z never told me to stop doing what I was doing." What does that mean? You mean don't stop doing your concerts in Centennial Park? We are talking about the NFL opportunities that JD did admit to backing out of due to backlash. Artists were getting backlash because Jay-Z had made his stance public last year. Jermaine said that anything connected with NFL he didn't do because of the backlash. If you read Funk Flex's tweet about their conversation, he never said Jay-Z told him not to do an NFL deal if you want to get technical. This is where I think the word play games is going on.

Funk Flex tweets about Jay Z allegedly tricking Jermaine Dupri out of NFL deal.

Also, Jermaine said that Cox was speaking in "theory". Uh? How was Cox speaking in theory?


Olivia Pope is rolling her eyes right now. This is all very amusing to me. The men are tripping over themselves to save Jay-Z. I just want the women in Hip Hop to see this and take notes.

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