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Jim Jones Reveals His Mom Taught Him How To Tongue Kiss On Lip Service With Angela Yee


Jim Jones is trending on Twitter after revealing on Lip Service with Angela Yee that his mother physically taught him how to tongue kiss. While many found this disturbing, he excused this behavior as his mother being a teen mother and babies having babies.



Nawww... this is inappropriate at best and child abuse at worst. If people got all bent out of shape by 42 Dugg licking all over his son while playing, then a mother teaching her song how to tongue kiss by actually tongue kissing him...gotta be an issue. There is no such thing as an innocent tongue kiss involving an adult and a child. Also, if you pay attention, Jim says his mother taught him EVERYTHING about sex, like putting on condoms. So if she physically taught him to tongue kiss, how did she teach him the other stuff???

Some of these women need to stop treating their sons like their boyfriends. That is why they have a hard time building relationships with women who are not their mothers. Just look at how long it took for him to fully commit to Chrissy; it was a damn love triangle with his mother.



Jim Jones walks back his comment about his mom teaching him how to tongue kiss and claims it was a joke. If it was a joke a) why shoot back at Angela that it's "my mom" and b) that she was a teen when she had you? Why not tell Angela it was a joke after seeing her reaction, which was the same reaction we all had??

This was not a joke.


Let me know your thoughts below.


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