Last week, The Root interviewed John Legend, where he was asked hot topic questions. One of the

questions was what is the music industry's responsibility in ending sexual assault. This question was in reference to Drew Dixon's eye-opening documentary, "On The Record," where she details working as a top music executive and allegedly being sexually assaulted by Russell Simmons. She also claims that L.A. Reid refused to even listen to John Legend and Kanye West, two artists she was attempting to sign because she would not sleep with him.

John Legend was in total support of Drew Dixon and any woman who is in a similar situation. He said, "I was actually unaware at the time of what she was going through. turns out that when she was trying to get me signed, trying to get Kanye signed, her career was undermined by the fact that there were powerful men who wanted to sleep with her and made that apart of the kinda the conditions of her getting what she wanted professionally." Listen to his full response below.

I salute John Legend for being direct when answering the question. We need more men in the music industry to speak out against the harassment of women. We need more men to call out other men when they see them harassing women. We need more men to not participate in the blackballing of women when they speak out. Imagine what this industry would be like if women were not sexually harassed out of it.

Drew Dixon saw the interview and thanked John Legend. She tweeted, "I will never get over not being able to work with you on Get Lifted. She also thanked John for hiring her at his label, even after being blackballed. We need more John Legends.

To read my thoughts about On The Record CLICK HERE. You can watch the documentary on HBO Max.

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