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Join Saweetie On Amazon Live For "New Music, New Live Band, and New Moves"


Everybody throw those "W" up!

We have heard from the east. We have heard from the south. So now it's time for the best side AKA the muthafck'n westsidddde, to have its say. Saweetie invited her Icy Gang to join her today on Amazon Live at 4 PM PST for "new music, new live band, and new moves."

Yes! BET's Hustler of the Year is finally dropping new music. She also shared the playlist for today's show. I am nervous and excited for her. We all know she delayed her album after her singles did not perform as well as her collab with "Bestie" Doja Cat. So, Saweetie took some time to work on her music, stage presence, and choreography. We get to see if all the hard work paid off.

Hopefully, she shows up and shows out!


Sidenote: Saweetie's songs with Jhene Aiko and Doja Cat both did great. All are Cali girls. Maybe there that is her winning formula. As I have said before, I think being a more melodic rapper would work best for her. But, we will see.


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