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JT Responds To Allegations of Blocking a Cancer Patient : "I'm Not In Hot Water, I'm In A G-Wagon"

City Girl denies blocking girl with cancer

Oh, brotha!

Another day, another rapper deactivates their Twitter account. This time it was JT, who deactivates almost as much as Cardi B does.

City Girl JT left Twitter after a story started to spread that she is "in hot water" after blocking a fan with cancer. Now, if the story wasn't bad enough; people started mistakenly attributing her tweet saying

"Fck y'all & ole girl. How bout that?" to her responding to that fan with cancer. JT was actually

responding to someone tweeting, "Uzi cheated on her with multiple women, bought his ex a dog, and didn't even claim her until ole girl." One thing about JT, she can argue about two different things at the same time🥴.

To summarize what happened from JT's point of view....she got a message from a fan claiming to have cancer, and her wish was to talk to her. JT followed the girl and told her she will DM her later. Well, as JT was tweeting about other stuff, the girl would be under every post asking about that DM, but according to JT, writing the exact same message. We have all seen where people write like they are copying and pasting.

Well, JT started to get suspicious about if this girl is even a real cancer patient. She checked out the girl's page, and she said the page did not have anything cancer-related. Plus, at the time, JT was involved in another argument and got tired of seeing this girl's messages. In addition, her fans were fighting under her posts with this girl. So, she just blocked her and said she will deal with her later. That is when the story took a life of its own.

Do y'all think JT could have responded better to this drama or is it just people being messy?


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