JT Says City Girls Are Focused On Singles, Not An Album


Tonight, JT, of the City Girls, joined her fans on Stationhead to answer some of their questions. With Summer fast approaching, of course, they wanted to know where is the album. JT gave an unexpected answer, "Right now, we just trying to figure out our next single. We not really too much focused on like an album. I don't want to tell y'all that and let y'all down. We really just trying to focus on, like, singles."

We all know that albums are going the way of tapes and CDs. Most successful albums are pushed by one or two singles. I wouldn't be surprised if artists just stopped making albums as we know it. I just didn't expect it to be this summer and with the City Girls. Are the City Girls really going to try to run the summer off of singles alone??? No, album??? It can be done. They may be trying to avoid the crowd and drop an album later.


JT, who is known for dragging a bitch or two, told her fans she does not want them dragging others, especially if they are using her face in their profiles.

"Defend if you feel like you need to defend, but some shit don't even need to be talked about. Like, the focus is to be able to make an impact and please our fans and grow."

Y'all know I love when artists tell their fans to chill the fck out.


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