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Jurnee Smollett Confirms "Birds Of Prey" Spinoff "Black Canary" With Misha Green As Writer

Jurnee Smollett and Misha Green - Black Canary


Today Jurnee Smollett confirmed that she will reprise her role as Dina Lance in a Birds Of Prey spinoff movie, Black Canary. The project, which is being developed by HBO Max, will reunite Smollett with Lovecraft Country creator Misha Green, who has been tapped as the writer on the project.

What makes this interesting, besides the names attached, is that Birds Of Prey, which was the Harley

Jurnee Smollett Black Canary Movie on HBO Max

Quinn movie, was generally bashed by critics and viewers. HBO Max is willing to create and put money behind a spinoff movie after recently decided not to go forward with the second season of Lovecraft Country.

To cut HBO Max some slack, the second season of Lovecraft Country would not be based on a successful book, which ups the risk of disappointing fans since it would be an original storyline. While these comic movies have plenty of references to assist with their success.

Anyways, I am excited for Jurnee and Misha. If two Black women can pull this off, that puts them in the power position. #BlackGirlsRock


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