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Justine Skye Wants Fans To Take Some Responsibility For The Current State of Music

Justine Skye calls out fans for the state of today's music.


Justine Skye wants fans to start taking responsibility for the current state of music. She tweeted, "Y'all be hyping up mediocre shit and then be mad about the state of music these days. Take responsibility."

She also announced she is dropping new music on June 25th.


She didn't lie. It's cool now to sit around and complain about the music and artists you DON'T like, but many people don't spend time talking and celebrating the music or artists they do like. So, that leaves the power in the hands of a small group of listeners who actually support the music, not gossip. Yes, there is manipulation going on, but that trickery is helped by the apathy of super fans.


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