K Michelle Has Body Malfunction While Dancing To Cardi B's "UP" On Instagram Live

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

UPDATED: 2/24 at 3:31 AM PST

K. Michelle took to Twitter to address the viral video of her ass appearing to droop while dancing to Ole Girl's "UP." She said she knew she had excessive fat leftover from her surgery, but she decided to not hide anything while she was in her house. She is just happy to be alive.



Oh Lawwwwd😩

K. Michelle was dancing to Cardi B's "UP," and it looks like her ass was not STUCK in place. In the video, you can see her ass droop down as she was bouncing to the song. It's obvious she noticed something was wrong but tried to play it off by winding herself closer to the camera.

I thought she got all her issues fixed, or maybe she got her health back, but her body is still damaged. It looks like her implant moved to me, but she is not supposed to have any of that shit in her body. Also, it looks like her outfit is some type of body shaper. It doesn't work.


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