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Kanye West Finally Drops "Donda" And Shows He's A Master Conductor + DaBaby Drama

Kanye West Drops Donda Album with DaBaby and Marilyn Manson





After 3 listening parties, lots of merch sold, and playing tug of war with Drake, Kanye has finally dropped the official version of Donda on MJ's birthday.

The (double) Gospel-Rap album named after Kanye's late mother runs 1 hr and 49 min with a bible length 26 trac...Oops, I mean 27 tracks. As I am writing this, Ye has added: "Jail Pt 2" featuring DaBaby and Marilyn Manson after some clearance issues earlier this morning.

One thing that made me curious about "Donda' was how this album would sound without all the visual theatrics to accompany the music, and to my prayers, it sounds glorious. Now, I'm not going to be foolish enough to think I can give a full album breakdown and review worthy of the coins in an offering tray this soon after the album dropped. However, I can offer a couple of quick takeaways as I listen to the album again.

"I Ain't Deliverin' Heavenly Messages Just For The Hell Of It Don't Try To Test Me, I Keep It Clean, But It Can Get Messy"

While listening to "Donda," the one thought that keeps repeating itself in my head is that Kanye is one of the best music conductors ever. I visualized Kanye waving his conductor's wand around, pointing to a multitude of rappers, and getting something out of them that they probably didn't even believe they had inside themselves.

I would have never suggested putting Fivio Foreign on a Gospel-leaning album until I pressed play on "Off The Grid" and hear, "Know we got God wit us / Look at me and see a God figure / And when I start vibing, and I know he wit me/ And Imma always catch a hard shiver." PRAISE THE LAWWWWD!!!

"Donda" is the type of album that will have you paying attention to lyrics no matter the feature. Another thing, I wish there were more women on an album named after his mother. There were only 3 women featured, Syleena Johnson, Shenseea, and Ariana Grande...Oh, and Lauryn Hill was sampled.


Kanye puts DaBaby and Marilyn Manson on Donda


As I mentioned earlier, Kanye included "Jail Pt 2" with DaBaby and Marilyn Manson...YIKES. In the song, DaBaby chooses to play the victim instead of taking responsibility for his poor handling of a simple apology, which is why he is the only one still talking about his "cancellation." Those who have canceled him have moved on.

However, there was some drama over DaBaby inclusion on the album, but not by who you think. This morning, Kanye posted text messages between him and Bu Thiam, his manager, alerting him that DaBaby's manager would not clear his verse. So wouldn't it be funny if DaBaby is clearing verses for Tory Lanez, but not Ye? Well, that doesn't make sense, and DaBaby's manager, Arnold Taylor, agrees.

DaBaby's manager responded with, "This is CAP, I woke up this morning to this social media bullshit,” He claims he cleared the verse in 2 seconds after receiving the email...blah, blah, blah.


As I was about to post this, Kanye is still not making any sense...

Kanye claims UMG put out his album Donda without his permission.


Are y'all feeling Kanye's "Donda?"


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In all honesty it’s not an album I will go back and listen too again. Even the features did nothing for me with that being said I did not enjoy this project too well. Also with the name of it being DONDA and in honor of his late mother I thought he would of at least like you said have more women on it and some of the music at least paint a picture in her honor. Some of the songs were soo short and some were just too long where I just felt like verses were being bragged on for too long. More time was spent in promoting this album than actually working on the body of work. If…

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