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Kanye Is Building A Replica Of South Shore Home In The Middle Of Soldier Field For Donda Event


On Thursday, when Kanye West throws his third "Donda" listening party at Soldier Field in Chicago, he will be returning home, literally. A WGN9 Chicago reporter caught a crew building a replica of Kanye's South Shore childhood home in the middle of the stadium. It looks like nostalgia will replace levitating.

Last year it was reported that Ye had bought the actual house for $225K.


Also, it is being reported that Kanye is attempting to change his name legally to "Ye." This name change is such a waste considering so many people call him 'Ye" already. Why not keep the name your mother gave you? I can understand if he was named "Michael" or "Sam."


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PAC’s Wifey 🤣
PAC’s Wifey 🤣
25 août 2021

I hope after this listening party, Ye will release Donda. But then again, maybe not 🤣🤣🤣🤣 with the Drake so called beef.

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