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Kash Doll is begging blogs to stop egging on a fake beef between her and Akbar V. Kash Doll says if it keeps going it can get somebody hurt...YIKES!

Rappers who want to turn a simple RAP BEEF into a street beef are the rappers who have no faith in their pen or their ghostwriter's pen. Now, I can't speak for other blogs, but I just want a good rap beef.

I want bitches to get hit with WORDS, METAPHORS, PUNCHLINES, DOUBLE ENTENDRES, not fists.

Kash Doll changed the tone of this RAP BEEF when she reposted her friend talking about how she can fight, blah, blah, blah! What does that have to do with Kash getting into the booth and respond back to Akbar's diss? Kash Doll does not need to use the "Yikes" beat if that is the issue. She just needs to respond or forever hold your rhymes. If I don't hear her version of "Raah Raah Like a Dungeon Dragon" in the next few days then Kash needs to go back to working in the clubs.


Akbar V did respond and says she is now on some street sh*t. This is escalating and it doesn't need to. I feel like Akbar is happy with keeping it in the booth, but if it has to go there...she can do that too.


The Black girls better start to realize that they will not get that Ole Girl stimulus package. You gotta rap.


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