Kehlani Says A Blogger Threatened To Ruin Her For Standing Up Against Against Men Who Abuse Women


Kehlani took to Twitter to call out blogs for giving accused serial rapist Kalaan Walker AKA KR, a platform to attack her. She also made interesting allegations against a blogger, saying, "There's a blogger who admitted ON THE PHONE that she was obsessed with taking me down because she works with someone i have *also* stood against for accused violence with women."


This gossip blog recently interviewed Kalaan Walker, where he was allowed to rant the entire time about an alleged past relationship with Kehlani. He accused Kehlani of aborting their child without his knowledge while holding up a meaningless time stamp card. Why that was the main focus of an interview

with an alleged serial rapist; who knows??? For the record, Kehlani denies ever having a romantic relationship with Kalaan. She describes him as a stalker.

We know that Kalaan Walker is accused of raping multiple women, but what the interviewer failed to make clear to viewers was how he used his celebrity status to attract victims. KR would contact aspiring models through social media and promise them opportunities in the entertainment business. Once he got the women alone, he would allegedly rape them. Kalaan used his photography business in his ruse to get women alone. That is an important factor for the public to know because that is what Kehlani was warning women about in her initial tweets.

Once out on bail, KR and his girlfriend started soliciting for their photography business. If that is considered sticking your nose into other people's business, then I say we should all be sticking our noses into other people's business. An ACCUSED SERIAL RAPIST is all of our business. I think women had every right to know if they do business with this company what the current allegations are, especially since that is how he lured women to be alone with him..allegedly.

So, I understand Kehlani's frustrations, especially if a blogger told her she was going to ruin her, over another unrelated case. This interview was essentially about trying to shame a woman over an alleged abortion<insert blank stare>.

KR did not prove that Kehlani told women to lie on him, which I would think is what the public actually cares about. He did not speak on his photography business because he was never asked the right questions to move the conversation past an alleged abortion. There was no tea, just him ranting about Kehlani over her tweets. Which he has been doing since his release. Is he mad over Kehlani's tweet or mad he couldn't get his photography business going again?

I understand he cannot speak about his case, but he was not being interviewed about his music. The purpose of that interview was about Kehlani standing with his alleged victims. So, that does not stop an interviewer from at least informing their viewers of relevant information, which was not done.

So, the interview did come off like it had one agenda, and it was to be messy. When bloggers treat a subject like rape the same way they would who is the Queen of Rap, you gotta roll your eyes.

One last thing on this, to allow Kalaan to repeatedly bring up Kehlani's daughter and to send people over to "Wish her happy birthday"...sick.



Last night, KR was on IG live with Slick Woods. Slick defended him and had me rolling my eyes at her logic as to why he is innocent. He is innocent until proven guilty, but since he is talking, we can judge him off his behavior and statements, and it is not looking good for KR, IMO.


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