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Kelis Calls Out Beyonce, Pharrell, and Chad Hugo For Being Sampled On "Renaissance" Album


I did not have a Kelis and Beyonce beef on my 2022 calendar.

Beyonce's leaked album, "Renaissance," has already gotten her into hot water with "I Hate You So Much" singer Kelis after she found out that her song "Milkshake" off her 200 album "Kaleidoscope" was

Kelis Calls Out Beyonce For Sampling Her Song On Renaissance Album.

sampled by Queen B on the track "Energy." Now, the issue is not about Bey's right to sample a song because, as Kelis put it, "she has copied me before," and Kelis does not own the track. But, it's over a courtesy test that Kelis claims Beyonce failed when she or her team did not reach out to inform her that she would be on one of, if not "thee," most highly anticipated albums of the year.

In a video response, Kelis claims that her issue is not only with Beyonce, who she feels was "stupid and disrespectful" for not reaching out. But with Pharrell, who she claims did this to be petty, and Chad Hugo, who she described as an Amoeba, who is spineless and a miracle he can keep his neck up...OUCH!

I am torn on this issue, but I have to agree with the tweet that said Beyonce is only in this because Kelis wanted personal contact from her.

To me, Beyonce is getting hit with stray bullets due to Kelis's issues with the Neptunes. I know she did not really expect Pharrell and Chad to contact her. So, she blames Beyonce for not stepping up when the men stepped down???? We have got to stop burdening women to clean up men's mistakes. That is the most empowering thing a woman can do for another woman.

Also, artists are not required to contact everyone they sample, especially if they don't own the song, or to show a level of courtesy. They are only required to pay. It would have been nice if Bey did that, but she didn't. is what it is.

Pharrell Called Out By Kelis Over Beyonce Album Sample.

Kelis has the right to feel the way she does cause art is personal, but she also needs to be honest about some of this coming from a place of her being hurt, wanting validation, and nothing to do with how all artists should be treated.


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