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Kelsey Nicole Accused Of Stealing Childish Gambino Lyrics In Diss To Megan Thee Stallion

Youtubers Nadjs & Daniel accuse Kelsey Nicole of stealing lines from Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover in her diss track to Megan Thee Stallion.

Kelsey says, "Sucking dick behind my back, who really on they knees / You an overachiever, all you do is suck seed."

Donald Glover on "You See Me" raps: "She's an overachiever 'cause all she do is succeed"

It's such a unique line, that you can't say she did not get it from Gambino, however, I do not view Kelsey as a rapper and just assumed she had help, no matter how bad it was. I mean the girl went back and updated her diss track as if it were a diary, LOL. Poor Kelsey. I don't think it's a big deal for her. For a rapper, yes.

Kelsey Nicole drinking liquor in black top

Now, those who wanted to treat Kelsey like a true MC, they should be looking at her side-ways. Don't be mad at Ole Girl for taking bars and then giving out passes to Kelsey if you were out here calling her a rapper. Even Kelsey said she ain't no rapper.


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