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Kelsey Nicole Drops A "Beat Box Freestyle" and Gets Into It With Former Friend Jaeliey


Five months after making the world laugh with her Megan Thee Stallion diss track, Buss Back, Kelsey Nicole is back to rapping. Kelsey for whatever reason decided to drop a "Beat Box Freestyle." While trying to catch her breath, she raps, "I'm the top position, and my opposition stays the same / Don't gotta ask permission all my shooters accurate with aim." She then takes a dramatic pause.

Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey...the audacity it took to ask people if this was fire or trash, LOL. All I can say is don't ask if you really don't want the answer.

Kelsey, who must have been searching for reactions to her freestyle, took a tweet by former friend Jaeliey as a "shot" to her rapping skills. Jaeliey tweeted, "I'm embarrassed for her." To make sure she made more than one blog, Kelsey decided to respond by saying, "Shut yoooo bitch as up before I get to talking bout you! Bitch you stay worried bout e! I'm minding mine hoe, don't be embarrassed bout anything I got going on. I'm good over here."

When I saw that Kelsey had replied to Jaeliey, I assumed that Jaeliey had commented under one of her posts. Nope, Jaeliey did what we all do; make comments on our own shit. So, unless I am missing a comment Jaeliey made directed at Kelsey, Kelsey looks like she is the one worried about Jaeliey. Kelsey looks like she does not mind her own business.

If you put out a freestyle and then ask people what they think, don't go searching for those who chose "trash." Go work on your breath control and make sure you enunciate your words.

I think Kelsey was looking for attention and sympathy. I'll give her attention, but I'm all out of sympathy.


What y'all think about the freestyle and the drama?


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