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Kelsey Nicole Drops Diss-ish Track On Megan Thee Stallion


I know this is late, but I had started writing this the other day and got distracted...


OK, I just got to see a longer clip of Kelsey's Live about Megan....oh boy. This is just an excerpt of what I saw and I am not even sure if I saw the full clip.

Kelsey is annoying. I can't stand someone who wants to play dumb and a victim. For her to act like she does not know why she is getting hate from the public or Megan...I can't.

So, Kelsey doesn't know that from the public's POV, she looks like a bitch who saw her friend get shot and then went relatively silent about the whole incident. A friend who obviously was not with her bestie helping her recover, only to be seen later answering random questions in the comment section of blogs?

Also, it does not help that right after the shooting, Kelsey's mother and sister were bashing Megan. Kelsey had to say something to them for their first response to be attacking Megan.

So instead of playing dumb to all of these facts, she should have just addressed it and say, " I know this looks bad from the outside, however...blah, blah, blah." Wasting our time with the clueless act is not respected.


Now, I want to examine the relationship between Megan and Kelsey. I do feel bad for Kelsey because she does appear really hurt, but she also comes across as someone with a guilty conscience. Kelsey revealed she tried reaching out to Megan but got ignored.

That reminds me of the night the SUV was pulled over by the police. As I previously pointed, you can hear Kelsey screaming at Meg asking "Are you Ok?" Megan appears to ignore her. People love to frame it like Kelsey stop messing with Megan when it may have been Megan rejected Kelsey first. That is why Kelsey is lashing out, but still not clearing Tory's name. Remember, Megan got out of the SUV to walk home and Kelsey was going to let her bestie walk home alone at night with a dead phone.

I think Megan and Kelsey had issues before that night. That is why she had been gone. She was only back with Megan for about a week before that fatal night. It could be this love triangle that has nothing to do with Tory Lanez. It's just a good look for Tory and his team to allow people to believe he is the man Kelsey is referencing.

Also, people keep bringing up "megan's friends" threatening Kelsey. I don't think these are Megan's friends, I think they were also Kelsey's friends too. Darren knew Meg since college, just like Kelsey; Chelsey too. These are a group of friends and Kelsey is the one who betrayed the group, so that is why they are so pissed. I honestly can't blame them. You betray the group, people are gonna wanna run the fade with you. I don't get why people are clutching their pearls at shit that goes on everyday on social media.

No, with Megan's status, this shit is not needed. However, just like Kelsey can't control her sister or rappers their STANs, Megan can't stop them from feeling some type of way.


This Lawyer for Workers guy is trying so hard to "be down" with Hip Hop. I think he is trying to be like Ari Melber of MSBNC who became popular within the culture for referencing rap lyrics in his commentary.

I want to counter some of his points.

1. He claims there is no gunshot wound when there is a medical report saying there is a gunshot wound.

2. I don't get why anyone thinks the glass defense will work.

  • The injury Megan showed to her foot is in the ankle area. Was Megan walking on her ankles?

  • Where did the glass come from? Did the police find this mystery glass she stepped on at the scene or in the vehicle?

  • How did this glass change to bullet shrapnel

3. He claims Kelsey is the only witness to the incident...huh? There is the bodyguard (that recording was fake). There is also the person who made the 9-1-1 call. There are also rumors of a possible video.

4. He said it was clear she was on Tory's side, when she never cleared Tory's name. It's clear Kelsey is on Kelsey's side. I haven't even seen her and Tory interact since that day. Why not make it clear that Tory did not shoot Meg??? This guy took a leap with that comment.

5. Even if Kelsey did not get hush money, the only thing that would hurt the D.A. case is if Kelsey said Tory did not shoot Megan. No matter how mad Kelsey is at Megan, she don't look like the type to face a perjury charge. But, she sure is helping him with poisoning the jury pool with her antics.

Oh, and Kelsey confirms that Megan was shot, by her repeatedly "clearing her name" as the person who shot Megan. So, it's kind of hard to claim Megan was not shot and once that has been established...the next question is by who.


Remember that before Tory's team cleaned him up and told him the needed to get back on social media smoking blunts taller than him, he looked like this...

Only after this video surfaced, posted on TNHT and people started saying how guilty he looked, did Tory return with a plastered smile on his face lol. If it were not for this video, Tory may be still hanging out at McDonald's.

Kelsey does not come off as someone who gives two shits about Tory Lanez. Something separate from the shooting is going on with her and Megan.



Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey...

Kelsey Nicole decided to fck the interview and drop a diss track on her ex-bestie Megan Thee Stallion. I really don't have much to say about it. What I got from the diss is:

  • Kelsey can't rap

  • She did not clear Tory Lanez

  • She is obsessed with thinking people really thought she shot Megan

  • It also makes it clear that she really wouldn't be the juicy interview everyone thinks she would be

Tory's side is making her more of a suspect than Megan ever did. I just don't get this "clear my name" talk. It seems like Kelsey is mad over something else, but is using this "clear my name" argument as an excuse.

The worst part about this diss is that it's not worth responding to lol. I love how people think "Protect Black Women' means to protect them from life...LOL.



BTS of Kelsey in the booth...


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@bea please leave Nicki name out of this situation , thank you. You are being too harsh, we don't know these celebrities ,they said, we said etc...It's not cool to assume these things about Meg...

@Tiffany here we go again ! Always creating the worst scenarios about Nicki...she used Meg against Cardi? How? Yes these other female rappers were getting paid to bash Nicki or wtv, and Meg was one of the few to embrace her, i respect that...but Nicki was also the first big artist to embrace her , so it was a win win situation! Thank you.

"Congrats " to Cardi for all these "achievements" but we are not going to seat there and act like it's…


Nov 29, 2020

Yes. This is Kelsey’s mom @fckyaya


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Nov 29, 2020



Nov 29, 2020

Kelsey has a right to respond but her releasing a diss track was a dumb move. She’s not a rapper! The diss track also further makes the shooting incident look like a joke. A sit down interview would’ve been a better option BUT she finally realized that no one is going to PAY her big coins to talk in circles. Kelsey is using the she didn’t “clear my name” angle because Megan cut her off. The same way EJ is in his feelings because he got cut off. Kelsey also admitted on live that Megan isn’t responding to her calls. I don’t know why Kelsey expects Megan to pick of the phone now when she’s working alongside 1501. And tea…


Nov 29, 2020

Weak or not weak both Erica and kesley did what they had to do by keeping it on the wax. Kesley have every right to respond to Meg shots fired I thought this was hip hop and that people go after each other on raps or does that not apply because it’s Meg involved? Megan is far from innocent miss “let me go write sum shit” and had it been ol girl friends bullying their ex bestie we would clearly see the agenda. “Protect black woman” but it’s fuck Kelsey or send threats to Kelsey via social media. I would be hurt too if my friend let a lie carry on the why she did. Megan wasn’t clearing up nothing…

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