Kelsey Nicole Speaks Out Sort Of...


The Neighborhood Talk posted this message of Kelsey Nicole's sister addressing someone who asked about the shooting. Kelsey's sister states, "Y'all want my sister to speak and defend for what? Nobody from that camp defended her or protected her that night or a single time after! Last time I checked she allowed people to think Kelsey shot her and had her little "friends send threats but want to scream protect Black women HAH!" Kelsey follows-up her sister with, "Let them make it, they don't know any better..."



Kelsey needs to grow-up. Either speak on it, save it for court, or drop an album. When the shooting first happened Kelsey's mom and I believe sister posted something being upset about how she was treated. Kelsey came out and said she was not communicating with them, blah, blah, blah. Now, we are back to square one AFTER Tory Lanez dropped his album full of blog headlines and HIS "FANS" are saying Kelsey shot Meg or is at least partially responsible. That's now a Kesley problem, not a Megan or her team's problem.

In July when this incident first occurred, there was no reliable source saying Kelsey shot Megan. The story

was that Tory was protecting Megan. Kelsey is coming off a lil self-absorbed to me. She should have been able to see what state of mind Megan was in to know that Megan was not trying to talk about the incident. Also, nothing stopped her from coming out and speaking for herself if she felt people were accusing her of being the shooter. I don't know why she thinks Megan's team would be worried about her when no one was really talking about her, she was not injured, and they don't work for her. She runs a management company and she should know how the business works. Did she want a press release???

I don't remember if I wrote this out or was I just having a private convo with someone, but after one of Kelsey's other messages, I said that she may be upset with Megan because she had to go to jail with Tory and she may have felt she should have gone to the hospital with Megan. She could be in her feeling because she felt like "why am I over her with this n*gga, and not over there with my friend." So, instead of thinking about how her friend was getting bullet shrapnel taken out of her feet, she thinking about herself. I think she is not speaking out because:

  • She likes the attention from being the last person to speak (even though I think the bodyguard audio is fake)

  • She knows that Megan did not lie, but is upset with her and doesn't want to clear up any rumors to help her

Her sister basically said it all. Kelsey is upset because she felt Meg's team did not make it clear she was not the shooter. I think this is childish behavior. Kelsey needs to speak for herself and stop having others do it. As far as anything threats, I need to see what Kelsey and her sister consider a "threat." I have only seen the post above.

I am so ready for the trial to start...


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