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Kenneth Petty's Victim, Jen, Says She Is Looking To Get A Lawyer On Nosey Heaux Live

UPDATE: 2/12 at 12:57 PM PST

Welp...this is not going away. Internet lawyers are growing their channels, not helping Nicki.



In can things get any worse news...???

Today, Youtubers Nosey Heaux Live and Hotshot Radio interviewed Kenneth Petty's victim, Jen. It wasn't so much an interview; but more of Jen responding to Tasha K and Barbz, who tried to discredit her as the real victim or those saying she is lying about Nicki Minaj contacting her.

When speaking on Nicki Minaj, she said, "Me and Kenneth Petty was never in a relationship. Nicki Minaj, you lied on your Instagram, and you lied on Queen Radio about those comments that you made about me were bald-faced lies. I don't know who told you that, but you should not have repeated it with the platform that you have. You did reach out to me. You did offer me to come to L.A. You also offered to send your publicist Joe out to see me."

Jen also said that she is ready to get a lawyer because she did not know certain information until it was pointed out by Barbz channel, Black Tea Blog.

Now, I have already been cursed out for saying Nicki Minaj needed to address the allegations made against her or have a PROFESSIONAL PR agent handle this matter. Stevie Wonder could see that Tasha K and these Barbz were out of their league when it came to dealing with a sensitive subject like this.

If Nicki Minaj does not feel compelled enough to defend her name, brand, or reputation, Tasha K and the Barbz should follow her lead.

This is getting out of hand.


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13. Feb. 2021

Can’t wait to see how this plays out and I hope it is in favor of Nicki. If this woman is in danger she should have went to the police. I understand when victims can’t get the appropriate help from police, they get public help ie blogs. But that is not what this woman is saying. It just seems like she only trying to get attention not real help to protect her family. Then when it comes to suing it’s always a funny thing with victims because it do you really want justice or money? Suing? When she could have taken the money she says was offered to her. Is it she wants more money now? She feels she backed…

Gefällt mir

Yaya I don’t know what your hatred with Nicki is or her fans but I’m very disappointed in you in posting this on your blog. 1st if legit news such as TMZ are no posting on this doesn’t that let you know that maybe it’s not true? 2nd the only ones that are posting this or giving this lady her 15 minutes of fame is people that clearly do not like Nicki Minaj such as these YouTube channels, Hollywood unlocked ECT. Now you been posting negative on Nicki and writing your slick comments towards her and her fans clearly shows your biased and it’s sad because at one time you really did write great think pieces but your really lettin…

Gefällt mir

15. Jan. 2021

Yaya you really want Nicki speaking up right now and not wait until after Kenny case? Everything this woman do or say gets taken the wrong way by the MEDIA Fans can agree it’s not the best move right now Nicki may have a reason to be silent let’s not be quick to shame her for not speaking on blogs time especially with a situation that can REALLY end her career

I’m no way victim shaming but if something happened to me like her I wouldn’t even be on blogs conducting interviews if anything I would be gathering my receipts lawyered up ready for court But this women all on live blogs and YouTube what will that solve?

Gefällt mir

14. Jan. 2021

Yaya what mistake did I make? Please advise. If you all you did was report on the live of Nosey and that guy, then shouldn't you extend the same courtesies to the "barb channel" Black Tea Blog? Did you write a think piece on her substantiated abd verified info? No, you took the messy route which is easier for you. You took that messy, unverified facts live, came to an opinion in your head and presented it on your platform.

You decided it was easier to believe those obviously agenda driven set of youtubers rather than do a lil research or just not speak on things you don't know. Surely you know Nicki has lawyers involved, so why would she…

Gefällt mir

This is why I can’t take bloggers seriously. Does she care about that lady or does she want to bring Nicki down. Why are you telling that lady to try and sue Nicki when all she has to do is go to the police and let them know her abuser and his wife has contacted her and harassing her.

Tell her to go to the damn police instead of entertaining her because of your sick obsession with trying to bring Nicki down when in all actuality she would be brought down anyway if police is involved if everything is true. Her speaking to the blogs isn’t really getting her anywhere especially when the big blogs like TMZ and Shaderoom aren’t…

Gefällt mir
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