Updated: Dec 11, 2020


Pitchfork is reporting that Kenneth Petty's charges for "Failure to Register as a Sex Offender" have

been dropped by the Los Angeles D.A. due to Kenny facing similar charges in federal court. So, basically not much has changed. This all could have been avoided if Kenny did not get caught up living Nicki's life instead of his own life. His life includes registering when he relocates.

Since Nicki Minaj has to spend money on lawyers to clean up his mess, why not keep it going by spending money on clearing Kenny's name? I have spoken out about how I feel Nicki needs to use her celebrity to clear Kenny's name, instead of the stuff she currently uses it for. I am happy that I am not the only one who feels this way. Youtuber Shawn Bradley did a video speaking on this same issue. He has a much bigger platform that I and I pray the word gets to Nicki and she comprehends how important this is. This is more important than any album she tries to drop. Which by the way, I was never a fan of her dropping an album this year. I hope she pushes it back until she can get sh*t around her in order.


TMuthafcknZ is reporting that U.S. Marshalls picked up Kenneth Petty, who is known as Nicki Minja's husband, for not registering as a sex offender after moving to California. A court records search shows that papers were filed against Kenny back in February.

This was a stupid move or non-move by Kenny. There is no excuse. He knows what he has to do.


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