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On Friday, Houston rapper KenTheMan dropped her 10-track EP, "4 da 304s," which means 4 da hoes. I'm here to inform y'all, this album isn't just for the "hoes." This is for those fans who like female rappers who can FCK'N RAP THEIR ASSES OFF. KenTheMan has the right tone, the right cadence, the right flow, and lyrical without having to punchline you to death throughout this project. If you're looking for features, you won't find one on "4 da 304s," and you won't feel like anything is missing. She holds down this entire project by herself, which is something many rappers can't do.



Y'all know I don't like doing the track by track album reviews. I want to get in and get your man...with my opinions lol. However, I will share some of my fave verses:

"I gotta fetish, I like a n*gga with paper that sh*t be making me wet

I am forreal, I'mma fck on him in private then after that I'm gonna jet

N*ggas gonna talk, n*ggas gonna make up a lie, n*ggas gonna put you in mess

But, when he's a boss, he don't be getting in gossip, he just gonna get you the check"

Song - Try Me


"I dun came up, these bitches upset

I ain't even all the way up yet

Since these hoes on my d*ck

I'm trying to see who can suck best"

Song - Gimme That


"Never met no n*gga getting it right

I just be taking their face for a ride

Ask me to see them I tell them a lie

Time ain't free I be up'n the price

Money I get I be living the life

Twerk in the camera be get'n them hype

Him: "How you get all that in them jeans

Me: "Baby it took me some time"

Song - Like A Hoe


"If I ever post a n*gga then my page hacked

Swear to God the pimp'n in me never played that

Asked him for the face, I wanna ride it like a race track

Fck'd around forgot his name, he should have worn a name tag

Song - IDGAF


"I been doing my thang, know these bitches hurting on the inside

These hoes got two choices, either hate on me or d*ck ride

You hoes give me poe vibes, pallet on somebody floor vibes

Hoes only tough when they gotta co-sign or they online"

Song - Life's Good



Rapper KenTheMan Album cover 4 da 304s
  1. Try Me

  2. Gimme That

  3. Like a Hoe

  4. IDGAF

  5. I Like

  6. Make It Shake

  7. Life's Good

  8. Dime


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