KenTheMan Talks Megan Thee Stallion, Wanting Cardi B Over Nicki Minaj, And Saweetie Smelling Good

KenTheMan, who is one of the hottest upcoming rappers, sat down for an interview with DJ Nite Kap on Breaking Houston. Between puff'n & pass'n, KenTheMan spoke on her new mixtape "4 da 304s, " where she ranks herself among her peers, is she the best female rapper out of Houston, City Girls vs Megan Thee Stallion, top 5 rappers dead or alive, and which rapper she'd rather fck.

Below are some excerpts from the full interview.


Q: DJ Nite Kap: Where Do You Think You Rank Yourself Among Your Peers?

There are lyrical pussy rappers IMO.


Q: Do you feel like you're better than the so-called best female rapper from Houston?


Q: You on your road trip who are you listening to first...City Girls or Megan Thee Stallion


Q: Name top 5 all-time dead or alive and H-Town top 5


Q: During a game of who can get it, KenTheMan was asked between Ole Girl or Nicki Minaj and Saweetie or Yung Miami



DJ Nite Kap was trying to instigate throughout this entire interview, and I'm so over men doing this. I don't know if there is beef between KenTheMan and Megan Thee Stallion, but you can tell KenTheMan feels

some type of way. It could just be on some competitive sh*t, where KenTheMan just doesn't want to give Megan any props, or she was advised not to give props to Megan. Remember, Brittney Taylor revealed she was told by management and others not show love to Nicki Minaj. It also could be that they both don't get along, which is OK. I'm so sick of people pressuring female rappers to all get along, or they risk being labeled a hater. I wish I would like every woman I meet LOL. We all have different personalities for a reason, and not all those personalities are going to mesh.

As far as asking about the better rapper, I have no issue with those types of questions. KenTheMan should feel she is the best. This is rap, and it's the only genre similar to sports, where people battle to see who is the best. I feel like when it comes to rapping, Ken is slightly better than Megan, but Megan is more of a total package. Both are still growing and developing their skills, so we will see where that ends.

But, I hated how the interviewer was throwing shots and trying to belittle Megan by the way he asked questions. So when Ken answers, as any other skilled rapper would, it looks shadier than it would have if DJ Nite Kap would have just asked the question straight forward. Interviewers are always trying to put the girls in a lose-lose situation, and I'm over it.


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