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Kevin Liles On Artists Owning Their Masters: "You Want To Be A 50/50 Partner, Put Up Half The Money"


Angela Yee asked music vet Kevin Liles, co-founder / CEO of 300 Ent., how does he feel about all this talk about artists owning their masters.

Kevin said, "I know that the value of my time and money is worth something. So, you have your lawyer figure what that is out and I'll have to figure out what your value is of what you're bringing me. That is what's missing...there's not a lot of conversation. So, understand, the lawyer wants the biggest check, the manager wants the biggest check, the artist gets hurt the most. You want to be a 50/50 partner, put up half of the money."

Kevin believes people don't understand how much money it takes to be a scalable artist like Megan Thee Stallion, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, etc.

I get what he is saying. There has to be some advantage to being the boss or the investor. You have to give up something in order to get that big push that most artists wish to have. Once you pop you can always buy back your masters if it's that important to you (unless Scooter Braun beats you to it).

What do y'all think about what Kevin said?


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