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Khia Accuses Nicki Minaj Of Stealing Her Lyrics

Khia gag order


Khia, Khia, Khia...

Khia is at it again where she is accusing people of doing sh*t she actually does. She posted on her Instagram, "This Bihh Don't Write Her own Shihhh. You can't be a Queen Stealing from other Queens. Nick Van Dykes." Khia feels Nicki stole her Usher line from her. Listen below...

I do not think Nicki wrote her Usher line based on what Khia said on her show, however, even if she what. People reference lines from shows all the time. It's not like she repeated a rap verse. That is not stealing Khia. But, speaking of stealing...did Khia ever pay Jiggie Gee for stealing her lyrics?


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