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Kim Russell And Stylist Law Roach Get Into A "Tussle" Over Bella Hadid's Vintage Versace Dress


Popular digital fashion archivist Kim Russell, better known as The Kimbino on IG, got into a tussle with celebrity stylist Law Roach when she did not receive styling credit for Bella Hadid's Cannes Film Festival Vintage Versace look.

From what I gathered, Kim had posted this dress last month on her Instagram page. Bella had liked the post and commented, “Yes agreed. Let’s. Find. Her.” Kim also claims that she had DM'd Bella about the dress too.

When Bella showed up to the Cannes Film Festival wearing the dress and her stylist Law Roach posted it on his IG page, fans did what fans do, and they tagged Kim on the post, demanding credit. She played into it like some do, only to apologize later after finding out the truth. As she explained on her IG story, the dress in question was one of many presented to Bella, and there was no intent to hurt or snub her.

Lesson learned...

My only thing is that her page is about archived pieces, so if someone happens to like a dress and they find it, she thinks she deserves credit??? I guess I am lost how she deserves credit if she played no role in actually finding the dress for her.

I can post a photo from the past and many people can like it, but if I don't help them get it, then all I did was show them a cool photo.


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