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King Of Reads Says Nicki Minaj is Rebranding Herself


When it comes to Nicki Minaj, I've probably spent the most time speaking on her blackballing and the second most time speaking on her need to REBRAND. It's nice to see other content creators speak on this topic too. It's really overdue and whatever excuse Nicki needs to tell herself to make the changes, just do it. Now, I don't agree with Nicki needing to reach out to certain girls, but I do feel it will serve Nicki best to step more into a gatekeeper/mentor role than lowering herself to compete with these girls.

What do y'all think about Justin's rebrand plan for Nicki?


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Gemini Gemstones
Gemini Gemstones
Nov 02, 2020

I wish nicki would do more songs with more female rapper. i like her, but i don't like how she's always ready to jump on an "underground" male rappers song, but not a female rappers song. it's like those females who say they rather be friends with guys than other female


I don’t think competing with the girls would benefit her, as I always say she is a legacy act now, people want growth so that would take her a few steps backwards what she needs to work on is catching up with her peers. But I like this idea with the new perspective on life, she is in a different place now. But making up with drake does mean to pressure her into forgiving everyone, some people you just don’t need what they bring to the table in your life. I don’t want Nicki trusting belcalis after what her and her team put her through. Drake and Nicki have been close friends since Young money days they grew up in…


She ain’t reaching out to Remy or Cardi. People are taking her and Drake being cool again as if that appeals to her wanting to be cool with everybody again like their level of friendship isn’t different from the others. Her and Remy were cool but her and Cardi was never friends. I honestly feel as if Remy was the one to reach out to her then she would be willing to squash it because even on Queen radio she has spoken on Remy with still a level of respect but Cardi? people just need to give that up and enjoy Motorsport.

And honestly I don’t care about her rekindling with those women. I rather her connect with the newer…

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