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So, even though Kodak Black claims he is being abused in prison, he has time to hate on Megan Thee Stallion. Kodak posted a video clip of Megan on the "Strahan, Sara, and Keke" show. The clip shows Keke asking, "Which Hip Hop Star-ah created the catchphrase "Drive The Boat" and what does it mean?"

Kodak wants credit for the catchphrase because a meme of him saying, "Let Me Drive the Boat" was popular...I guess. I missed that craze lol.



When people say, "Drive the Boat" are they thinking about Kodak Black or having liquor

poured down their throats? There are so many terms people use that have different meanings based on who is saying it. You can't take credit for something when people are not even referring to your meaning of the phrase, especially in Kodak's case. Does he really think he was the first person to ask to "drive a boat?" An actual boat...LMAO!

Kodak Black and the blogs running this story as if Kodak makes any sense get the clown sh*t award. Niggas can't let a Black woman shine....geesh!

Steam Suga to get your brain cells back after reading this story.


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