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Kodak Black's Producer, Dyryk, Calls Out Latto And Threatens To Destroy Her Character

Kodak Black's Producer Threatens To Ruin Latto's Character In IG Stories


Kodak Black's producer Dyryk again has a female rapper's name in his mouth over something that does not concern his ass.

Last week, Latto caused a stir during her album promo run when she revealed on Big Boy TV that a male rapper tried to hold up on clearing his verse because she wouldn't reply to his DMs. Latto never named

who the rapper was, but many concluded it was Kodak Black due to his own incriminating comments about working with female artists.

Well, hours before Latto's album is due to drop, here comes strong chin-ass Dyryk with the same nasty-ass vibe he gave Megan Thee Stallion over some tweets that were none of his business either.

Dyryk posted to his IG story his version of what went down with Latto, which to summarize is that Latto had an issue with Kodak's rate. He then threatened to destroy her character because he felt that is what she was doing to his "brother" by not naming the rapper. He alleges Latto was looking for a pity party.

Let me say that women are allowed to speak on their experience in the industry, even if it makes men uncomfortable. Latto can't be concerned with what fans think, especially with someone like Kodak Black, who has made plenty of women feel uncomfortable. So, Dyryk needs to keep his threats to himself.

Also, you see how men are quick to try to sabotage and ruin these girls' brands because they get mad. Ya'll need to peep what is going on before it is too late for one of y'all faves.


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Same WHITE man that said he's been in a writing camp for meg....why do we allow white people into our spaces man....that shit pissed me off so bad cause people ate that shit up when he said that about

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