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KSR's Lawsuit Against Cardi B and Her Countersuit Have Been Dismissed With Prejudice

UPDATE: 12/27 1:35 PM PST

Characterizing what was probably Shaft and Cardi B settling is not quite a win for her. It's a win for peace of mind, but I doubt Shaft "lost." But, if all Cardi B wanted was her royalty money so she can call Forbes, then she did win.

I am open to the possibility that I am wrong and Shaft left with nothing, but I just find it hard to believe.



Hmmm...per Dec. 24th court documents, KSR's lawsuit against Cardi B, Patience Foster, and Coach and Pee has been dismissed with prejudice. This includes Cardi's countersuit against KSR. Since it's with prejudice, that means all parties cannot file a lawsuit based on the same grounds.

We know that Cardi B and lawsuits go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, it must feel good to get one resolved. My question was it resolved. Obviously, KSR is not leaving empty-handed. We know that Cardi B is in negotiations wither Atlantic Records. The deal with KSR was basically a 360 management deal. Cardi is rumor to be in a 360 agreement with Atlantic. How many 360 deals can you be tied up in at once????

KSR lawsuit against Cardi B settled

I wonder if KSR or Atlantic are willing to give Cardi B back her 360 rights? Something tells me with the way Atlantic spends money on promoting Cardi's music, they gotta have a 360 deal. Otherwise, she can kiss all that propaganda good-bye. KSR, may just want a piece of the pie for life rather than be in a drawn-out legal battle. Look at J Prince Jr and Drake. I think he is still getting paid off introducing Drake to Lil Wayne. The neverending contract.

Is this why Cardi B was talking Forbes?

Anyone got any more info on this case or just thoughts?


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