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Lady London Dropped "Lady Like: The Boss Tape" And I Can't Stop Listening


Last Friday, Lady London dropped "Lady Like: The Boss Tape," and I have not stopped listening since. This project is a collection of her viral freestyles with some new verses added. She gave us "Long Live Shamello," "Yikes," "Lemon Pepper Wet," "Black Love," and the TikTok hit "Lisa's Story."

This mixtape represents the other lanes and duality in female rap that I speak about in "Female Rap Will Not Survive On Hypersexuality Alone." This is 13 tracks of storytelling and introspectiveness. There is no reason Lady London's style can't be as profitable as the hypersexual girls unless the industry just doesn't want it to be. No Lauryn Hills allowed. Think about that, but listen to this mixtape first.

Let me know your fave verses below.


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