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Latto Dropping "It's Giving" Music Video Featuring Cameos Of Other Boss Women Tomorrow


Latto released a teaser from her "It's Giving" music video that will drop tomorrow at 9 AM PST. She allowed fans to ask questions, and someone asked, "Any famous female cameos?" Latto replied, "Yes, yesss. yesss a lot."

Who do y'all think made will show up in the video?


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How did glorilla drop her video after Latto’s and still surpass her in views? . That’s crazy.

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31 ago 2022

Yes cant wait for this. Love the girls being active at the same time

I hope her and Megan can really work their albums, both pretty solid with Meg’s being way better lol

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I swear the only songs I don’t like are Her & Star

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