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Latto Gets First Solo Billboard Hit And Announces New Single "Soufside"


A day after earning her first solo Hot 100 entry with "Big Energy," Latto announced she is dropping a new single, "Soufside," this Friday!

While "Big Energy" was Latto's attempt to appeal to a Pop-Rap crowd, "Soufside" sounds like she is right back home with that "rapity rap" shit that muthafckaz wished they could do, but instead they complain. It was just last week Latto had the internet buzzing with her freestyle on L.A. Leakers, and I think it's wise to capitalize off that momentum.

Latto Drops New Song "Soufside" On Friday 11/5.

Shit, what is better than having one song on the Billboard Charts...HAVING TWO SONGS on the Billboard Charts.


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03 nov. 2021

I think the song will do good.

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