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Latto Got A Verse Back That Could Make This Race For The Crown More Intriguing Than It Already Is


Latto, who will definitely be putting BIG pressure on the Big 3 to not slip up or their pieces of the crown may just fall into her hands, tweeted, "This verse I just got back....🤯. "

This is not related to her "Big Energy" remix. This is about her album.

Who do y'all think she is referring to, and who do you HOPE she is referring to?


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Nicki said she sent a verse back to a girl so maybe her. But she needs to be careful she reminds me of Megan and we see how the GP flipped on her.


I feel like Latto needs to focus less on collaborating with the main girls & more on finding her “Big Ole Freak,“ her “Bodak Yellow” or her “Say So”

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It didn’t do anything for her career though. in my opinion, your “it” song pushes you into the mainstream more

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