Latto Reveals A Male Rapper Would Not Clear His Verse Unless She Responded To His DM

Video Credit: Big Boy TV


Latto continues on her album promo run by sitting down with Big Boy. During the interview, Latto revealed that one of her male features on her upcoming album, "777," tried to hold back clearing his verse if she did not respond to his DM. Luckily, the song did get cleared with the feature, but the shit should have never happened. I need to see this tracklist ASAP!

I am so glad that Latto spoke out about this. I remember she and Dreamdoll mentioned in an interview with Angela Yee about not wanting to record their feature verses in the studio with male rappers cause men don't be about business. Also, Kodak Black recently spoke about not doing a song with a girl unless he can sleep with her.

This is the type of shit that would be an excellent topic for a rap song.


Tonight, Latto tweeted about being sad and being stripped of her excitement. Not sure what triggered these tweets. Let's send her love.


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