Latto Says She Has Been Laying Low Perfecting Her Craft

Rapper Latto Getting Ready To Rollout New Album 2021


Yesterday, Latto tweeted, "I been laying low perfecting my craft this year, so when I start this rollout, I hope bitches ready." Now, Latto already had the flow, so seeing she has been away working harder to perfect her craft has me more excited about what we can expect from her next project. We know what happened when DreamDoll took time off to work on her art.

The last solo song that Latto dropped was "The Biggest," where she addressed the drama surrounding her name, Mulatto, and officially became Latto. For some reason, that single really did not connect with fans. However, I still think it was a good song to have on her discography as a timestamp song and to show she did listen to the people who really had an issue with her stage name.


Are you ladies excited for Latto's next project?


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