Latto Sends Big Shots At Renni Rucci During L.A. Leakers "Ain't I" Freestyle | Renni Rucci Responds

Latto Freestyles Over Yung LA's "Ain't I" Beat On L.A. Leakers and Fans Believe She Was Sending Shots To Renni Rucci Who Dissed Her Over The Word "Biggest."


Latto, AKA Big Latto, who is putting the finishing touches on her sophomore album, dropped by the L.A. Leakers to remind everybody (cough, Renni Rucci, cough) that she is still the BIGGEST. Rapping over Yung LA's "Ain't I" beat with undeniable swagger, Latto asked, "How you big-can't name a track,

How you big-can't hang a plaque?"

In case y'all forgot, back in March, Renni Rucci accused Latto of dissing her after the Queen of da Souf dropped her "BeatBox" Freestyle, where she ended with, "I'm the biggest. Ain't nothing big about y'all hoes! So if the bitch name ain't Latto, don't put 'Big' in front of it. Straight up."

Even though many did not see the connection between Latto calling herself the "biggest" and Renni Rucci, that did not stop Renni from dropping a diss track and, of course, using the playout accusation that Latto has a gHoStWrItEr.

So, seven months later, we are here...


Renni Rucci responds:




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