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Latto With The Black Hair And Animal Print


I was on Latto's IG Live last night and she said she has a big Pop collab and Latin collab in the vault.


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You know… I hate to be the one but I’m really shocked by Latto’s sales. I didn’t expect her to have a huge first week but I did expect at least 65k because she got a huge push from her label. I also expected more of her songs to chart in all genres on Apple Music because rappers get more playlisting over there but sadly only 3 did.

Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
31 mrt. 2022
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I think she hurt herself with the features. I think with the same push but different features she would have higher sales.

I have been saying it, female rappers cannot ignore or try to skip around us girls. We run the genre. The straight and gay boys are just loud.

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