What is a trend, person, song, blogger, or whatever that you want to leave in 2019?

You can leave ________________ in 2019.

Akademiks - He has problems with doing the research before reporting on sh*t. Has women and drinking issues. oh and loves to steal other people's content in a sad attempt to stay relevant.

The Breakfast Club - nuff said

Ole Girl Drama - When it comes to music and shows, she was already left back lol. But her drama is still being pumped up in a sad attempt to hide her falling off. I'm over the Love and Hip Hop drama.

Lil Nas X - I just do not like meme artists. I just don't like him lol

Media's Obsession with Drake - Drake has been giving us the same 4 songs for years. No wonder you like his new music, because it's the same song you liked from before. He is like the beat maker that just resells the same beat over and over. The coddling has proven to not help drake

The Hip Hop media - It's time for a coup. The hip hop media has acted more like paid assistance to artists and labels. They wonder why someone like me feels so comfortable swerving into their lanes. It's time for more women, not the "pick me" bitches currently working in media.

Spill the Tea Youtubers - Too many of these tea channels lie. They see the BS the pros are doing and copy it on their channel. But when they are called out, they want to point to TMZ or others as an excuse. No, it's your channel and you need to take responsibility for the stuff on your channel. Also, stop trying to be friends with celebs. I have yet to see where that has helped the content of these channels. It's helped my content by allowing me to report on Clown Sh*t, but not their channels lol. Oh and when someone reports "tea" on them, watch them throw baby fits.

Stats in Music: The way stats are being used is ruining music. Obviously, we need a way to determine the top artists, however, stats are being used in very selective ways. These stat pages are either posting meaningless numbers or numbers interpreted wrong on purpose. These stat pages are becoming like the "tea" pages.


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