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Legendary Drama Last Night With The House of Tisci and House of Balenciaga




Legendary got heated last night with the judging.

If you watched the HBO Max series last night, you know that in episode 7, one of the faves to win it all, House of Tisci, was eliminated after the Vogue battle.

hbo max legendary episode 7 elimination

Simone, who lost it for her House, stomped off the stage. Law Roach told Simone, "Baby, stand next to your House and have good sportsmanship cause that's what ballroom is about. If you lose the category, you congratulate, and you hug the person who won. It's good sportsmanship. That's not right."

Simone then came back on stage, took the mic, and said, "I'm not gonna walk off this stage and not say how I fck'n feel tonight because this House does not deserve to go home tonight. There's Houses that didn't do shit tonight, and y'all gave them a fck'n perfect score."

Law pointing his finger, responded, "You OK when we live for you, but we not living for you, you got an attitude. At the end of the day, he Vogue'd rings around her...PERIOD!"

Megan Thee Stallion added, "What y'all getting up here and doing? Do you want $100,000 or not? And I did not feel like you wanted $100,000. So, when it looks like you want $100,000, bitch! I'mma give you the votes for the $100,000."

With that, Simone left the stage...again.

This was a spicey ending to this episode, and I loved it!

I will miss House of Tisci because they were in the top 2 to win the whole thing. Now, a House that isn't as good has a chance of winning it all.





In episode 8, the drama continued when the House of Balenciaga's Honey decided to make it known that he was having wardrobe problems and was stuck wearing "ugly ass boots." That turned the judges off but no one was more offended than professional stylist Law Roach.

Law let it be known that he did not appreciate the comments and, for that reason, gave them a score of 7.

One of the other members of the House of Balenciaga said, "This is based off performance, not who you like. So your lesson can be taught in another way, not by giving us a score because of a comment someone made; to teach that particular individual a lesson."

I completely understand where the judges were coming from, but I also agree with what was said about scoring. Do y'all think it was fair to give the team a lower score due to what Honey said, or is it fair because they are all a team?


It's interesting that the drama last night involved the two top Houses.


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