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Let's Talk MTV's 2021 Video Music Awards

Recap of 2021 MTV Video Music Awards Hosted By Doja Cat


Last night the battle for the moon man happened at MTV's Video Music Awards in the Big Apple. This year Doja Cat hosted and performed, and I have to admit I preferred her hosting over her performance. I may be in the minority, but her performance was dull. Before the show, she did reveal that she was slowing it down, but I did not think she would give us Nighttime Nyquil tease. The Kanye West levitating part was cute until it wasn't. I felt like she was up there lipsyncing forever. Doja Cat was in her own little world flying around like Peter Pan, LOL.

I was so excited when I saw them finally lowering her ass down to the floor. I thought we would get an AH-MAZING stage performance, but Doja gave us an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance?" I love Contemporary Dance...when it's done right. There was no connection between her and her two partners, and the movements looked like someone practicing in their bedroom. She should have just done a Rerun Poplock and exited stage left...or right, whatever.


Let's talk about Lil Nas X, who decided to show up looking like Sexual Chocolate's son, LOL! He thinks he is so edgy, but in reality, he has turned himself into a joke, a predictable joke at that. I am sure he has convinced himself that people are laughing with him, but many have stopped laughing and are now rolling their eyes, including other gay boys.

As for his performance, I remember saying to myself, "He is trying to act gay." We all know Lil Nas X is gay, he reminds us with every drop, but he is not an ultra fem boy. However, I noticed he loves to turn it up when he goes to award shows, and it always comes off as forced. Furthermore, he always sounds terrible. His voice is just not giving. You would think after all that I would not say the performance was trash, but it wasn't, just preDICKtable.


Moving on to Ms. Chloe. The girl gave what she was supposed to give and more. Chloe's MIC WAS ON, and she reminded y'all, who for some reason wanted "Have Mercy" to be "Halo," that she can still sing. To me, Chloe proved she has what it takes to be a solo act. I know, I know, I know...she reminds you of Beyonce, so what??? I going to write about that in another post.

This being Chloe's first solo performance shows she will be a force to reckon with. If she skips Pop and goes that Hip Hop-Soul route that made Mary J Blige famous (What's the 411, Real Love), she will be a fck'n PROBLEM!!!! (2 Chainz voice).


Speaking of a good problem, Normani came out and gave us that Janet Jackson/Aalyiah/Ciara nostalgia type of performance, and the VMAs needed it. I am so glad she was booked because without the sistahs, the show is a snoooze fest. Normani proved that she did not need Cardi B and she should have gone with her original plan of the song being just her.

I wish, like Janet Jackson, Normani had used a headset instead of a mic. I think it would have been better for the type of performance she gave. Also, the use of Teyana Taylor as a prop was odd. I actually said to myself, "Cardi B Effect" when I was watching it. But, overall, I was happy.


This may go under the radar, but Latto did perform. I am so excited about what she could possibly do when her album drops. Her label appears to be willing to push her.


Ok, enough of what stood out to me, what stood out to y'all. Who made your night and who ruined it, LOL. What was your fave performance, did you enjoy Doja Cat hosting, what about those fashion No-Nos....looking at you Moneybagg Yo.


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