Letitia Wright and rising British actress Tamara Lawrance will star in the English-language debut of The Silent Twins. The script is based on the book "The Silent Twins" by Marjorie Wallace (I need to read this ASAP).

This true story is about twin sisters, June and Jennifer, who only communicated with each other in their own private language. As they grew into teens, they became obsessed with writing fiction, boys, and crime. They were sent to a mental hospital, Broadmoor Hospital, in 1981 where they stayed for 11 years. When they were to be transferred to another hospital, the twins made a pact that one of them needs to die in order for the other to be truly free. While being transferred, Jennifer, fell into a coma and died.

I am officially obsessed with this story. I will be watching every documentary I can find and reading the book. I hope I can find time to blog.



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