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Lil Baby and James Harden Stop By Police In Paris On Suspicion Of Transporting 20 Grams Of Weed




According to multiple media outlets, the Parisian police arrested Lil Baby and NBA star James Harden on suspicion of transporting weed.

Reports claim that at approx. 4:50 PM on Montaigne in Paris, local police swarmed a vehicle with a strong odor of weed emanating from it. Lil Baby was one of the passengers in the car. During the vehicle search, police located 20 grams of cannabis in the passenger compartment.

Harden, who apparently, was not in the vehicle at the time of the search, was checked and then let go. Lil Baby and three others were taken to the 8th arrondissement police station.

What a way to end Fashion Week.


UPDATED: 7/9 at 7:18 AM PST

Reports are saying at Lil Baby has been released and will have to pay a fine.


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